ACS Pretest Probability
Assessment ( Version 2.1Q )
INDICATIONS: The PreTest Consult instrument is intended for prescription use in a hospital, emergency department or urgent care environment by competent health professionals. The PreTest Consult utilizes clinical variables and ECG data to produce numerical score that is the pretest probability of acute cardiac ischemia or pulmonary embolism. It is intended to supplement, not substitute for the physician's decision process. The advice of PreTest Consult should be used as an aid the physician's decision making process for possible or suspected acute cardiac ischemia or pulmonary embolism in conjunction with knowledge of the patient's history, the results of a physical examination and other clinical findings.
CAUTION : Investigational device. Limited by federal (or United States) law to investigational use
Manufacturer: CP Diagnostics LLC 1723 Beverly Drive Charlotte, NC 28207 704-773-7652
Warnings and Precautions: Review the most current version of the clinical protocol, short title QUAADRICs, prior to use for instructions for use, contraindications and hazards.
PTC 2-11 Rev 2.1